5 Career Values I’m Living By

In an industry like the music industry, or blogging, or anything that puts you infront of an audience, there are certain compromises you have to make with yourself. With so many people taking money for pre-written posts, or dancing nearly naked in music videos, it can be a baffling situation when you are presented with an opportunity that forces you to abandon your beliefs. Doing the things I’ve mentioned isn’t deemed wrong by everybody, and if you’re happy to do those things to better your career, then by all means, go for it! No matter what the context, regret will come when you forget your values just to earn a bit of cash (or attention). That’s why I’ve got 5 values I’m sticking to before I even get the chance to disregard them, and here they are: (these are just for me. You can do them if you’re alright with it!)

1. Never lie to your audience.

Singing songs I hate on stage, or reviewing something on my blog telling my readers I loved it when in actual fact it caused nothing but nightmares, or buying followers just seems odd to me. If my content is in any way dishonest, then it won’t be good quality in the first place and my audience certainly won’t gain anything useful from it. Why lie? I would rather sing a song I love and have no one listen than have the whole room listening to me singing something I hate and therefore, sing badly. Also telling anyone that a product is good when really it gave you a rash is just bad ethics.

2. Prioritise quality over everything else.

“Make sure you post every day/week” “what’s the point if you have no followers” “there’s nothing interesting in this vlog but at least I posted something!”


Sorry gang. I hate these phrases. Why would I send you anything below par? Why would I put my name on anything I’m not proud of? I’ve uploaded YouTube videos with the “that’ll do, because it’s Friday and I have to upload this NOW” attitude in the past. It gets you nowhere. People don’t enjoy it, you get embarrassed, and worse, people will think that your most mediocre work is the best you can do. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, people! (So, sorry, you might have to wait for a Youtube cover for a second. Because I could either get my equipment fixed and record my keyboard skills, or I could use a crappy backing track but only show you my voice. Na mate, just sit tight)

3. Never, EVER, use your body to get attention

Likes are ephemeral, and looks fade. Hard work and attitude doesn’t. The careers (and sadly, reputations) of so many girls are ruined just by getting their body out on Instagram or in a music video. This shouldn’t be the case, but thats something for another day. The world we live in now could absolutely destroy any chances I have for a quick fix of a few more followers or views. Plus, I hate sexualising myself in the way I dress. Lots of girls enjoy it and that’s cool! I just have never felt anything but uncomfortable in a short dress or low cut top, so doing that for my career seems pointless in every way. I’m perfectly alright with singing songs fully clothed.

4. Every time you want to give up, success is just around the corner

Okay, so this isn’t a VALUE as such, but its a mantra that I certainly think has some weight to it. It may not be scientifically true, and success has not necessarily just been magically waiting for everyone who ever gave up. The point is when you give up, success is not ever going to be there. So hang in there, and when you feel down, have a cuppa before giving things one more go.

5. Don’t compromise who you are or where you came from.

Not worth it, whatsoever.

What do you think? Where do you draw the line with your career? Let me know in the comments!

Lizzie x

4 thoughts on “5 Career Values I’m Living By

  1. Ashley Lennon says:

    I absolutely love this post, and 100% agree with your points, especially 5! You should never compromise who you are for your job, what’s the point having something like successfull career or blog, if you have to be fake to do so? Amazing post, thank you for sharing it!

    Ashley | hiyaitsashley.com


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