Vinyl Revival


Ever notice how music is always trying to be fresh, new, unique, but pay respects to the icons of the past at the same time? It’s a beautiful contradiction that I love.

I was talking to an established marketer working with a really well known recording studio (more to come on that very soon!) and he said he was bewildered by the revival of records in popular culture. Why, after so many years of minimising the fuss that surrounded playing records and with the introduction of cassettes, CDs and digital music that requires no physical purchase at all, have so many decided that actually, records are just cooler?

Well, that’s it, I think. Gone are the days when dismissing your dad’s pink floyd record seemed cool and effortless. Now we’re chasing them up (particularly me, as I did exactly this last week) and embracing the retro feel that comes with it. New and fresh is boring and too mass produced-the lesser known the band, the older the tracks, the better received your attempts will be.vinyl3


Now, I’m planning trips across the country with friends to source my favourite tracks from the 60’s. I’m insanely jealous of DJs I know that get to travel to America and find records to bring home and play. I still listen to the charts, but in terms of purchasing music, I just don’t bother with the newer stuff at the moment. I’ll listen, i’ll enjoy, i’ll learn as much as I can from it, but I’d much rather have a physical product I can hold and hear aspects of the original recording on rather than click on a screen and get a mass produced file for 99p. The prices of records are higher, but it’s so worth it. (Also, if you’re lucky enough to have a dad like me who collected a load of awesome records, you can pinch them occasionally.)

Here’s a few of the records I’ve been listening to lately (from artists that span over a few decades and genres!) what’s your opinion? Records, digital music, or something else?


Much Love,

Lizzie x

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