HOW TO: Dogtooth Patterns

dogtooth7When I was 4, I had a Barbie that had the CUTEST dogtooth dress and pink belt and shoes to accessorise. Her whole outfit was on point. I’ve been trying to recreate the look ever since and dogtooth has seriously taken over my wardrobe (even my coat is dogtooth. I just can’t quit).

Dogtooth, in my opinion, is the most beautiful pattern. For me, it’s the perfect way to incorporate my favourite sixties style into more modern looks and it never fails to help create a timeless and classy look. Here, I show you my favourite dogtooth pieces and how I style them-it’s a tricky one to do, but can look gorgeous if you accessorise it well! There are so many other dogtooth pieces on the high street right now (and, let’s be honest, in my wardrobe) and I can’t wait to rock these pieces this autumn.


Look 1: Classic and feminine


This high-necked skater dress is my go-to party outfit. It makes such a statement that I don’t usually accessorise it, other than pairing it with some neutral toned heels and possibly a shoulder bag- to carry the talcum powder on nights out to my favourite northern soul do’s! I found this gem in River Island a while back and still depend on it to make a bold statement.

Look 2: Modernised



For running errands or just chilling out, these cigarette trousers are great. They’re so comfy and the toned down feel gives you the opportunity to add your own twist- like I have here with neutral colours and a bit of bling. A perfect way to wear dogtooth if you don’t want to go full sixties style.

Look 3: Sophisticated Sixties




This pencil skirt is to die for! I’ve teamed it here with an androgenous-style merc women’s polo top (which was originally a dress I wore at a gig-thanks merc!) to mix things up a bit and I love the final look. By adding a pop of colour with red dolly shoes and lipstick, the skirt doesn’t look too formal-and overall becomes a fun piece to wear, not as corporate looking as you might initially expect! This outfit is one of my go-to’s for a chilled night out at the pub-so classy!

So there’s my quest in attempting to look like a 90’s doll (not really-just dress like one?!) how do you wear dogtooth? What are you looking forward to wearing this autumn?

Lizzie x

4 thoughts on “HOW TO: Dogtooth Patterns

  1. Sophie says:

    Really good blog post! Loved these outfits and pretty fitting for autumn. Guess who is away clothes shopping now 😄 These actually really suit you so let’s hope I achieve the same results when I buy some


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