Well, I’m pretty excited about this post.

When I first heard that one of my favourite twitter accounts for bloggers, The Bloggers Hub, were holding an event I wasn’t sure if my blog was really big enough or serious enough to go. That might sound really silly. I love blogging, and like many bloggers I’d love to do it full time one day, but I’ve only just gotten into it properly. Imagining a room full of glamazons all judging my teeny weeny following, I decided to go anyway, even if just for the cupcakes. I know, little old me! At a blogging event in London!


I was right about the room full of glamazons. Wrong, however, about the judgey-ness: most of the bloggers there were of a similar following size to me, and the focus was on smaller bloggers making an impact in the industry. Result! Plus, everyone I met was super friendly and we were obviously all on the same page-excited, a bit nervous, and pretty passionate about taking the best looking Insta photos we could find (obvs).


Aside from some absolutely stunning cupcakes (and girls) the views from the venue were beautiful-I can’t get over how much effort the team must have gone into to finding and creating the perfect environment for an event like this! The terrace was full of bloggers taking stereotypical candid shots-ahem…img_4095

So now I’ve got my first blogging event done with, I’m super excited to start attending more-meeting like minded people who understand the world you’re working in and attempting to make an impact on was really unlike anything else. Thank you so much to The Bloggers Hub for throwing an amazing event!

For a real insight into how the day went, and what to expect from blogging events like these, check out the vlog I filmed of the day over on my YouTube channel…

Lots of love,
Lizzie xo


  1. Em says:

    Ah these photos are so cute!! I didn’t get to say hi to you properly however sadly:( But I’m sure there will be other times, great post lovely! xx


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