Songs to warm up with this Autumn

It’s definitely getting colder, isn’t it? Traditionally in our house we have our annual thermostat wars around this time of year. It could be below freezing temperature in mid December and we’d STILL have to have the back door wide open because ‘it’s a beautiful summers day’. I’m the only one who resents this and is shivering in the corner of my bed wearing 2 hoodies and slippers. But hey ho, this year I’ve come up with a new tactic to warm up-dance around my house!

I’ve been delving deeper into my love of Northern Soul music lately, and I have actually been dancing a fair bit to these tracks as a form of procrastination (which I can’t recommend highly enough) so, here they are!

The Night, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (for blasting whilst making dinner)as5

Okay, maybe not *making*..but if you can’t have a chinese in the colder months when can you?!

Turning my heartbeat up, MVP’s (for evenings in with friends)as4

Do I Love You, Frankie Wilson (for dancing around your front room)as3

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? The Shirelles (for cosying up with a cuppa)


Tainted Love, Gloria Jones (for singing in your bedroom, or the shower, or a bubble bath!)

So there you have it-the best songs to blast this Autumn. If only to dance around and stay warm! What have you been listening to lately?
Lizzie x

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