Autumnal Accessorising

hatHow do you go about elegantly accessorising when the weather turns as dismal as it has been lately? When all you really want to do is climb back into bed with a piping hot tea rather than think about colour coodination?

Well, there’s really an easy way of going about it and that is to keep things simple. The best thing about effortless style is just that-it’s effortless. Which means longer in bed, which is the main point right?

So here are my top 5 tips for Autumn Accessorising. Thank me when you’re enjoying that extra 5 minutes of snoozing.

1) Hats don’t mean a style sacrifice!

If anything, they’ll add a lot of edge to any outfit you wear. I love my collection of hats-they add that androgynous vibe that is so fun to rock later in the year and there’s so much more to choose from in the colder months! Try using dark or neutral tones to compliment whatever colours your outfit is made from.

2) Brown boots-a staple for any autumn wardrobe
As ever, tall, brown boots are all over Pinterest this season. Take it one step further and invest in something edgy-chucking on a pair of boots, particularly if they’re lined, is the comfiest way to keep yourself toasty and if they’re heeled they add that fierce edge to any outfit. (They also keep you elevated away from puddles!)boots

3) Use Scarves to your advantage
This tip is possibly the most important of all. Get yourself one of the scarves on the market at the moment-I’m talking one of those big, fluffy, cosy ones that could easily double as a blanket and wrap up. Mine was super affordable and is from Primark. Shop right, and grab one of the classically patterned scarves, preferably monochrome (dogtooth is a personal favourite of mine-read about that here) as it will go with near enough everything in your wardrobe! Classic, an easy way to add an accent to your outfit, and no one will guess that you’re napping in your makeshift scarf-duvet. Promise.


4) Keep jewellery light
I don’t know about you, but when I’m caught out in the rain and I’m wearing a heavy necklace or bracelet, my immediate instinct is to take it off the second I get in the house. There’s something about soggy jewellery that really dampens my mood (pardon the pun) but leaving it out of my outfit entirely is just plain boring, particularly for a jewellery addict like me! So keep it light-think dainty chains and emblems on necklaces, and loose fitting bracelets rather than heavy bangles.


5) Coffee counts as an accessory, right?
It always looks great in an Instagram post, particularly when the patterns on the cups from some of the coffee shops lately are so cute…and if it perks you up on a chilly morning, well that’s just an added bonus. Snap away!


Well lovelies, I hope you enjoyed going through these tips! Make sure you check my social media for updates and share your Autumn Accessories with me! @LizzieArkell on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest 🙂

Lizzie xx