Essentials of a sixties lover

Lots of bloggers do monthly “Favourites” posts, and there’s plenty on YouTube, but I never find any that reflect what I love-so here’s mine! I’ve selected a few of my favourites that not only have I been using and loving for the past month, but I feel like every sixties loving gal should have a variation of. I hope they inspire you, interest you, and you enjoy seeing a different kind of favourites post!

1) Dogtooth Cigarette trousers
Dogtooth is an ABSOLUTE obsession of mine. (I’ll prove it-have a look at my dogtooth blog post here) and these trousers (£14.99, Select clothing) can really be worn any way. The sixties girls did typically love an androgynous look, as well as the occasional shift dress and flared skirt. Particularly practical for a day to work transition (dancing at a northern soul night after work, anyone?) but mainly I bought them because they’re so darn gorgeous. (Excuse the previously mentioned and highly obvious obsession. I used to have a bloomin’ lovely Barbie doll who wore a dogtooth flared dress with a pink belt and things have never been the same. I actually have a very similar dress in my collection these days. Don’t judge…)img_4234

2) Mods: The New Religion, The Style and Music of the 1960’s Mods*
This book is comparable perhaps, to the Holy book of Mods. For a young’un like me, (who somewhat misses out on some Mod references now and then due to my age, and the fact that I completely bypassed the sixties) this book is incredibly educational. A perfect buy for anyone who, as many people seem to when I talk to them about it, knows what the Mods are and would like to know more. Imagine it as a glossary for all the hangouts, music, and traditions that began in the first stages of the Mod Generation. I love the sixties-the girl group glamour, northern soul music-but there are so many variations of what a ‘Mod’ is considered as now. So this is a breath of fresh air, and it feels like an authentic representation of such.

*A mod is a form of sixties subculture
*Also a perfect coffee table book if you’re just trying to look cool.img_4236

3) Amy Winehouse: Frank
I know, I know, I’m years behind the times here. However, I recently delved back into my CD collection (I’ve been playing records a lot more recently) and found this beauty. Amy’s debut album is one of seriously cool drum beats and bass notes, surrounding a theme of sex and rejection. Such a refreshing lift to listen to-Amy always claimed that everything on her albums is live recorded (other than one guitar part, which she had a passionate view on in THAT interview) and the quality is therefore pretty close to perfect. Favourite track: Amy, Amy, Amy. Favourite vocal: You Sent Me Flying. As a singer, you can’t blame me for loving Amy Winehouse. But I will blame you if you never listen to this album. (Kidding. Sort of)img_4235

5) Dr. Martens Morada
OH, MY. Aztec patterns are another obsession-but a bit more nerve-wracking to brave, I feel. So finding it on a shoe (a Dr. Marten, no less) is a bit easier to handle-and actually, it’s more noticeable. Funky shoes are always a yes in my book, and these seem to have been noticed by friends and family when I’ve worn them. Perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd-just a little bit!

What are you loving this Autumn?

Lizzie xo

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