Wow, thank you so much to all 1007 people who follow me on twitter! I can’t quite believe there are that many people who are happy to listen to my ramblings but apparently there are. I use twitter a lot to support my blog, so thanks!

To celebrate, I wanted to host a giveaway as I’ve thought about doing one for a while and really just needed an excuse. I love the idea and it’s a great way to connect back with all of my lovely followers.

I ran a poll (on twitter, ofc) and you lovely lot requested make up, accessories and stationary in a giveaway…so here’s what you could win…



There’s an eyeshadow palette and a make up remover here (I promise it isn’t used, I only realised after I got it that the mixture emulsifies slightly haha! It’s full to the brim and brand spanking new, just doesn’t photograph too well. Great start Liz) and the larger version of this make up remover is my absolute favourite to use-it’s moisturising and doesn’t leave your skin feeling all tight. As for the eyeshadows, purple’s suit almost everybody and if you can’t wear bright colours in the festive season, when can you? Both small enough to chuck in your bag and go.



I’ve loved Monki from way back when. Since I’m so inspired by the 1960s, I couldn’t not put a great eyeliner in this giveaway so the lucky winner can do absolutely massive flicks, should they so wish. Fleeky, pigmented wings are coming your way with this one ( and omg, the mermaid packaging is to die for.). (Forgot to take a lone picture, d’oh. It’s the eyeliner looking thing in the main pic!)


These are SO PRETTY. Who doesn’t need new notebooks, like, all the time? With a  marbled print on one and actual real-life mermaids on the other, these are gonna be the prettiest notepads you’ve owned. Struggling to give these away if I’m honest. But I’ve got way too many mermaid themed items in my life for an adult to be proud of.



Mmmmmm. Grapefruit scented, this will see you through and keep your room smelling lovely and fresh. I love this scent. Come on, how much do I really need to say about a Yankee Candle? You know you’d love this.



This is my favourite of the bunch and I’ve already told everyone in my family I need one for Christmas. It’s like it was invented specifically for bloggers. Rose Gold?! And pretty much destined to be in Instagram pictures for it’s entire lifetime?! Gaaaah, I want to keep it. But I won’t, obviously, I’ll send it to the winner (through gritted teeth).


Well there’s your lot! To enter, follow me and retweet the giveaway tweet on my twitter (It’s pinned at the top of my profile) and then cross your fingers hard!



-Only open to UK residents (sorry!)

-If you’re under 18, check with your parents that it would be ok to give me your address to send the prizes to if you win!

-All prizes are as pictured, you will receive no less and no different (although there may be some added surprises ;))

-All prizes and delivery fees are paid for by me (Lizzie Arkell) and will be sent 2nd class post. Any insurance to cover the goods as requested by the winner are payable by the winner.

-The competition closes on 30th November 2016 at midnight, and the winner will be contacted and announced on my twitter page 1st December.

-The winner will be contacted via twitter as soon as they are announced the winner. If the winner does not reply in 3 days, another winner will be chosen, and so on and so forth.

Good luck!

Lizzie xo



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