img_4174Now you all know I’m a music lover. And blimey, there is nothing on this planet that makes me feel the same way as live music does. The adrenaline and excitement rushing through your body when the drummer plays that beat that you know so well it’s become a part of you, that thousands of others around you were waiting for at the same time….I’m addicted, and I don’t care.

Bastille are a firm favourite of mine, and I’ve always thought it would be interesting to see them live just because of the intensity of their music. Although this was always on my bucket list from hearing their debut single “Pompeii”, my love of their music wasn’t the reason I went to see them on the 11th November.

My sister loves Bastille-knows all the lyrics back to back, of both albums. Adores them, and had never seen them live, so I thought it would be a nice treat for her 15th birthday (whilst very aware it would be a treat for me too! Not a treat, however, for dad who was nominated to pick us up from the O2 last thing at night)…

Before we even sat down, our night was off to a fab start-getting our tickets upgraded because I’m on O2! Instead of sitting right in the gods we were right at the front-thanks O2! Genuinely keeping my contract with them based on that. After shovelling down a Nandos we found our seats and were greeted by a rather rude pretentious character on the screens above us-a metaphor for the governments and organisations that run our society mumbling away and insulting invisible characters off screen. (deep. Real deep. I bloody love all that though) This character went on to introduce the show and voice the extra vocal bits around the songs.

OH. MY. GOD. They were even better than I expected. Initially I actually thought that Dan Smith was miming, his vocals were so on point, but I actually think he’s just that talented. Fair play. The unity of the whole band was explosive and you can tell they work incredibly hard together to create such a tight sound. I have even more respect for them than I already did!


Can we just talk about Dan Smith for a second? Who writes beautiful, emotional songs without the audience even realising they carry such depth because his fantastic band keep it lively. Who sings about being single, grief, and the pain and beauty that naturally comes in the circle of life. Who has a reputation as a sensitive lad with soulful abilities and tastes. Who sings with such varied ranges, melismas, sounds a LOT like Morrissey-and his surname is SMITH?! That can’t be a coincidence. If you like The Smiths you’ll understand me, everyone else can just read on. Soz.

Over the course of the night, the band used the whole arena so well-jumping down into the standing area and walking through the crowd, right to the back, whilst performing the songs “Flaws”. Playing the cover “Rhythm of the Night” which has been one of the most successful covers of late, over two stages, the one at the front and one in the middle of the crowd. Singing “You and I” (an incredibly thoughtful and almost harrowing song, discussing the differences between gentlemen and bad boys seducing women-very interesting and the use of different techniques and octaves in that song is genius) from some of the seats in the very top tier-they honestly used the whole room like I’ve never seen anyone do before. I love that they thought about how to change things up and include fans that might not be right at the front, it made for a much more interesting show too.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have seen them live, and how min blowing the gig was. It was one of those gigs that will honestly stay with me forever.


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