We all know December can be a tough one. With work, shopping, preparing for family and filled-to-the-brim schedules, it’s a mental month. Add the social pressures we put on ourselves and it’s kind of too much to handle. I can see why some people are massive scrooges.

Well personally, this is a different December than I’ve ever had before. There is a LOT more going on and whilst I’m excited, I am slightly worried I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Let me just say that I am not, in any way, complaining-I know I’ve got a very blessed life. I’m just slightly panicked!

First of all, there’s all your basic which-present-do-i-get-for-who and which wrapping paper is more appropriate and WAIT let me ask around and make sure no one got them that already. There’s the where am I going to be on Christmas Eve and how much alcohol can I get away with drinking in front of my boyfriends nan and do I need to feel guilty about eating all that chocolate?

But this year, I’ve added in “I fancy redecorating my whole room-LETS ORDER THE FURNITURE FOR 3 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE” and “Blogging? It’s great. I struggle to post around work sometimes though. LET”S DO A POST EVERYDAY ALL MONTH” and “I love YouTube Videos! A blog post a day isn’t enough, let’s do a video every day too! I haven’t ever daily vlogged before, I’m sure CHRISTMAS is the best time to start!”

So, yeah. That’s all floating around in my head. As much as I’m trying to prepare I just cannot ignore all the perfect bloggers I know who have had their posts scheduled for weeks and seem to have it all sown together and why is her Instagram so much prettier than mine? I’m sure they’re all either a lot better at hiding their stress than I am, or sitting back in their armchairs drinking a perfectly formed hot chocolate cackling at my scattiness.

I promised myself when I got back from Thailand-remember that?– that I would take things easy on myself and not take on too much. Lol, jk, one last little stress sesh to end the year. As if it isn’t entirely self inflicted.

The worst part is, this IS all completely my own doing. Right now, I’m writing this post instead of getting ready for work, because I love this internet-blogging-vlogging stuff SO MUCH. I want to have a great blogmas, I want to improve my YouTube Channel, I want to create some great content full of festive times and have my room looking all lovely for the new year. So damn it, I will. Have a lovely December everyone-if you’re not already following my YouTube Channel and my occasional panic-driven rants, you can here.

Lizzie xo


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