BLOGMAS: What’s in my bag? Festive Edition

Calling this a “Festive Edition” is a bit cheeky considering I’ve never done this blog post before, and it’s a bit different compared to what I usually write about. However, I would say it’s s bit more interesting in winter, so here you go! I hope this isn’t too short and I hope you’re interested…

Lipstick: Berry colours for winter! I’m loving Mac Whirl at the moment, the colours are just perfect and it’s long wearing too. I actually got this recommended to me by a waitress in my local Bills, which is a bit random, but shout out to that girl for helping me pimp up my winter lip game.img_4393

Hairbrush: Because my mane gets tangled af in this wind! This is my good old Tangle Teezer which I will never stray away from now-I truly believe they’re worth the money and they’re so much more comfortable to use than regular paddle brushes.img_4400

Diary: For keeping up to date with blogmas, vlogmas, seeing loved ones, work…and making myself feel like it’s a little less overwhelming! Mine is a standard A5 Filofax but I really need a new one, because the patent leather isn’t in the best shape anymore and my needs have changed since I bought this one a year ago.img_4399

Water-to combat that winter dry skin, as well as my moisturiser XXX. I keep it in my Cute Nutrition Protein Shaker (lord knows why) and I also keep my Cute Nutrition capsules in my bag-to try and remind me to take them! I’ve got the Dandelion Root capsules, which I find really effective, and the CLA capsules (which I don’t notice do all that much, to be completely honest. Maybe it’s more of an internal benefit.)img_4401


Keys-also duh. With a cute little sausage dog keyring from joules to make them a lot easier to locate in my bag (and cuter!)

Purse (empty from all the Christmas shopping. Help me Santa)img_4394

Hand cream: a must in the winter months! I’m currently using this dove one, which I really find helps long term, and isn’t too greasy.img_4398

Painkillers and soothers: I’m too prone to colds and sniffles to not carry these at all times.img_4395

And that’s your lot! This is a bit different from what I would be carrying in Spring/Summer/to a gig/to an event-would anyone like to see another variation?

Lizzie xo

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