How I’m finding vlogmas

Answer you’re expecting: Amazing!

Short answer: HARD.

Real Answer: still hard, but I’m learning a lot and getting a massive sense of achievement from it. I haven’t done any videos really this year…and this month so far I’ve gotten one online every day! (Apart from days 3&4 where it was a combined video (link) but COME ON, I really have piled on the pressure this year-have a look at my December stress)

I knew vlogmas was going to be tough but I really didn’t appreciate how difficult it would be to juggle it with a full time job and life too. For anyone considering doing it next year, I would say go for it but be as prepared as you possibly can! Spare camera batteries, a solution if something stops working, a schedule, an intro, get it all planned before you start. And don’t let ANYTHING distract you, because once your drop the ball it’s over!

What I find interesting is how everyone knows december isn’t full of Christmassy happiness. Life happens, but we still (or at least , I do) expect videos and blog posts to all go perfectly and be pretty little snippets of our lives. My decorations look great, but I very much cried when my laptop froze mid way through editing. I’ve had some super cute moments with family, but they’ve teased me about filming excessively too. Nothing is perfect, and I learnt to stop expecting it to be on day 3/4 (watch my meltdown here)

But I’m back on it now-and loving it. I can celebrate Christmassy awesomeness at the same time as being honest about my life. As jealous as I am of those perfect bloggers that get it all done and looking amazing everyday-i know life isn’t really like that. I hope you’re enjoying my vlogmas, with all the ups and downs included.

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Lots of love,
Lizzie xo

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