The Bloggers Who Brunch Launch and what it taught me…

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A week on from the BWBLaunch and I’m still hearing glowing reviews of it. A day of popcorn-fuelled inspiration in an instagrammable penthouse was always going to be a hit with bloggers. In a set up that included talks from quickly growing bloggers (LexiLife) and top class photographers (Katherine McMorran) I learnt a lot – but as it always is with these events, it wasn’t in the way I thought it would be!

With events like these, I always find the most important advice in the details rather than the main event (which is why it’s so important to go – you never know where inspiration will spring from) don’t get me wrong, I know more about YouTube details than I did before from Katy and thanks to Katherine I now actually know what aperture is (yep, you caught me) but the bits and bobs I learnt from networking with other bloggers was invaluable.

I started my blog because I’ve always loved writing and I wanted an outlet for that. I wanted to write about the local music industry I had found myself in and find others who would benefit from sharing tips and experiences through it. For the first year, I did no promo, wasn’t involved in the blogging scene at all and literally just did it for myself to read back on my favourite ramblings about outfits and musical opinions. When I found the blogging community on Twitter, I found loads of support from bloggers and influencers alike, circling mainly around fashion and beauty (which, yeah, sounds a bit odd for someone who wants to talk about music?).

At BWBLaunch, I met with the lovely Tabby from Take Heart Be Courageous, a beauty blogger I met an event last year and have since stayed in touch with, and another couple of bloggers Tinker Tailor Online (Antonia) and Verity and the Very who i’d followed on social media but never really spoken to properly – I ended up learning so much from them both though and I’m so glad to have met them! We went for brunch and begun swapping blogging stories and tips. Although I was initially feeling slightly inferior amongst talks of brand deals, I was really inspired by all three of these women and felt that I wanted to take my blogging further creatively. (PS, Prosecco and brunch before a networking event is a good way to feel super-cosmopolitan) Going onto meet Sophie from Edited Collective, we went for (debatably too many) cocktails and again swapped experiences. I learnt so much from these ladies and they fuelled my imagination so much. That is honestly something you can’t buy, or search for on Pinterest and I hope to turn it into something great.


Brunch pics: Clerkenwell Grind is to die for!

At the launch, having met and caught up with a few bloggers I’d known, I started to realise that I’ve been forgetting my niche in blogging. This blog was always meant to support my love of writing and my connection with music – and that’s sadly been lost a little bit! I’m changing things up a bit round here and I’m on a mission to find more music and lifestyle bloggers, which is so exciting! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some amazing beauty and fashion bloggers along the way, and some of my best blogging buds are working in that sector with their blogs – but it’s not for me, and I won’t be performing at the best of my ability if I get sidetracked.


Who can resist a bathroom selfie when it’s entirely pink….

So right now, I’m working on a few things that are a little bit more me. I hope you like them and I hope they spark my creativity. Thank you Kirby Small (I’m so proud of you!) and BWB for a great event, meeting plenty of bloggers who taught me some priceless things!

Make sure you check out everyone tagged – girlboss central in the blogging world at the moment.

Lizzie x

3 thoughts on “The Bloggers Who Brunch Launch and what it taught me…

  1. Ashlee - Ladybugs & Pugs says:

    Only just stumbled across your blog and it looks like I did it at the right time! 🙂 your aesthetic and photography is absolutely gorgeous, and on top of all that you’re doing this for a really awesome reason. The reason why I started my blog way back when was the same as you: to write about what I love. You end up meeting so many like-minded people through blogging. Really it’s an incredibly rewarding experience all-round. So yeah, I’m looking forward to this new direction you’re going in! I’m sure it’s gonna be thoroughly awesome 🙂


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