It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post. 2017 has been a pretty tough year for me and the blog that I once loved, pursued and nurtured has fallen by the wayside to make room in my life for prioritising my mental health. That is not a bad thing by any stretch, but I’ve really missed it and the blogging community!
Whilst everyone is sharing how brilliant their 2017’s were, I’m being reminded that the blogging community is filled with positivity when you least expect it. It has an awful reputation sometimes (that we are all better than) but the amount of posts I’ve read about how much everyone is learning, growing and achieving has made me really proud to be part of an industry where so much change occurs.

I’ve had a real mixed bag of things happen this year, but I’m not here to dwell on the bad stuff. Here’s everything I’m grateful for from 2017 and here’s to the next year – may it be even better than the last for you!




2017 had some emotional ups and downs that really took their toll on my mental health, but in a way I’m glad for them. Family drama has reminded me who’s got my back, and hitting the lowest point with my mental health gave me the motivation to keep getting back up again and becoming stronger. I know everyone online seems to harp on about mental health, and that’s not what I’m trying to do here – I’m just really, really glad I’ve had the opportunity to begin moving on this year. The help and support I’ve had has put me in a place at the end of the year where I feel ready to really make things better. I’m incredibly lucky with the support I’ve had with that. I’ve also had a lot of confusion surrounding my physical health as well this year, being misdiagnosed with different allergies and intolerances and put on diets by doctors that were really wrong for me (thanks for that!) but I’m now seeing a dietician and I feel in a really prepared place to take care of myself next year. Whether that’s getting more sleep, seeing my friends more, drinking water or eating right, I’m putting myself and my health at the very top of my priorities in 2018 and I can’t lie, I’m REALLY excited about it!


I started a new job back in May that I have absolutely adored. The time I’ve been there has absolutely flown by, and in the past couple of months the role has started to really challenge me. I’m so proud of the company and the job I do and what I’ve achieved working there and I’m now at a place where I need to figure out if I am ready to up my game with them and work even harder. I want to make sure it’s an active decision to either run with the massive amount of work I’m being given or to decide it’s too much – either way, I want to ensure it’s me actively engaging in my career and making the decisions.

In 2018, I’ve got some more creative goals for my career outside of the workplace (I’m not sure if that makes sense! I’m trying to steer my career on my own terms and investigate where it really, truly is I want to be and what I want to do). I’m hoping I can introduce some more creativity into my career and push it forward single handedly (watch this space!)


This year I have IGNORED my creativity so much and it’s been crap (let’s not mince words). My blog, youtube, music, all got ignored. Can’t remember the last time I did anything like see a play or go to an art gallery simply because I love it. 2017 has shaken me up and made me realise that though. 2018 is going to be all about me and my creativity, nurturing it and reminding myself just how important it is to me. I am the artsy-est person through and through and I have completely forgotten that this year, because it’s all been about growing up and preparing my life for a different direction. Moving out and away from some difficult situations (or trying to) has completely dominated my year and I haven’t had the time to just relax and be myself. Well, screw that. I need me time in 2018!


Okay okay, I won’t get too mushy, but I’m ending 2017 in a really good place in terms of the people I love, because this year I really learnt who cares about me and who deserves my time. I’m ending 2017 with fewer friends (fake ones, who never wanted to help or let me help them. I wish them well though) and different family. Again, you might feel like you have to keep toxic family members around simply because they’re your blood. My timeline and history and family ties are the biggest proof ever that this is not true. If someone mistreats you, let them get on with their own toxicity and look after yourself and your people. I am so grateful for my best friends, family that I reconnected with this year, my little sister, and my fantastic boyfriend who really has been my rock this year. 2018 will see me move in with him and throw a massive party with everyone I love! (Thank you Charlie :))

A N D    T H E    R E S T

All in all, it’s been a tough, but productive year. I got a great job (that is hard work) started a really cute penpal friendship (Hey Annaleid if you’re reading this! Thank you for making my year better! While you’re all reading, check out Anneleid’s blog:) I travelled, saved money, and moved house (busy bee) I took some much needed time for myself mentally in various way and I have everything I need to enter 2018 in a healthy, productive, fun way. This is the year I’m going to re-jiggle all my priorities and make sure I’m happier!


I hope you all have an amazing (and safe) time tonight if you’re out partying, and if you’ve read all the way to the end of this post THANK YOU. I haven’t written a post in forever and to have people that still follow me and encourage me to do this is amazing. Have a wonderful 2018, all my love x