Body positivity for everyone


I’ve seen way too much negativity lately, and I’m writing to tell you I’m your local blogging glitter fairy who’s about to exterminate all of that bullshit. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The term “body posi” creates an idea in my head of an overweight woman who doesn’t give an eff and loves her body despite being overweight. It really shouldn’t give me this picture (first of all, “despite” being overweight? Why did my mind go there?!) . Body positivity should be creating pictures of everyone who might need it. Anyone can, easily enough, feel insecure about their body – so fat, slim, man, woman, black, white, young, old, able bodied or not, you’re allowed to feel however you want about your body, regardless of whether you meet societies standards. The parts of my body I like don’t necessarily conform to societies standards of young women, and perhaps the parts I hate are what other people would prefer to have. Either way, it’s no ones business but my own, because it’s my body.


There seems to be negativity around expressing insecurities in your body if you’re slim or meet the “requirements” set for beauty more than someone else. That’s bullshit.
There’s negativity around men being insecure about their bodies, “you’re a guy, it’s not as bad for you” – that’s bullshit too. As a curvy woman, I’m lucky that there’s support for me if i’m feeling my curves, and also if I’m not, because the culture is there for me. But for so many others, there’s not enough people cheering in the background for whatever they feel like.

Body and beauty standards are enforced by companies that ultimately, want our money. They make their “GOALS!” posts incredibly unachievable and make us feel like if we buy the mascara/clothes/perfume in the advert, we’ll feel as sexy/confident/cool as the model pictured. This trickles down to us as consumers, and we use it to pit ourselves against each other. This is inhumane and makes us dick-ish to be honest. You’re not better than anybody else because you look more like an advert than they do – and we’ve all been there -so why do we do it?

Well, because it’s everywhere. Every time you scroll through instagram, every bus advert that drives past you, every advert on TV, in a magazine…you know, you’ve seen it. I don’t need to list them all. So when we fight back, when we say “you know what, I’m happy however I look, I’m worth more” we’re exercising our strength. And when we say “you look brilliant” or even “how you look has no impact on your value” to others, we enforce a much more supportive atmosphere for everybody involved. Isn’t that what we all want?

I don’t want to ramble my way through this blog post. I’m not what you’d call a “body positive” blogger, so I won’t pretend that I’m an expert – I’m trying to tread carefully – but I truly think this issue touches us all at some point and I wanted to remind anyone reading that you are more than enough without considering your looks at all. You feel great today? Your make up is on fleek? You’ve put on a few pounds? A few stone? Your clothes don’t make you feel good? You’re perfect, capable of a lot more than you know, and absolutely enough. Don’t forget – and remind someone else too!

What do you think of body image? How does it affect you?

Lizzie xo

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