Top 10 tips for a Getaway to Prague

Prague is an absolute favourite city for me and my boyfriend. For our first anniversary, he whisked me off and we fell in love with the place – beautiful architecture, first class restaurants and scenery to die for. So this year, I did the same for him and now it’s safe to say we know our way around.

Going to Prague, or considering whether it’s for you? Here’s ten things to know before you jet off.

1. There’s room for every kind of trip – Charlie and I have been to Prague twice for 2 romantic getaways, and both times we’ve seen hen and stag parties at one point or another. Prague is so cheap, which makes it a hotspot for younger generations no matter what stage of life you’re at – and if it helps, because everything is so spread out across the city, our romantic trip and the drunken adventures of those parties didn’t overlap too much.
2. Beer, beer beer – be warned, beer is EVERYWHERE. Czech’s make some excellent brews (Charlie really knows a lot more about this than I do, I’ll be honest. I just drink the stuff. Follow him on instagram at @palealedicannio for beer help!) and this is just a warning that it is cheaper than EVERYTHING ELSE. If you’re on the soft drinks, you’ll be paying more than your friends on the Pilsner. Also, a pint can be as little as 50p if you drink in the right places, so maybe make the most of one of the best cities for it and get a little sloshed on the cheap, if that’s your thing. (Please drink responsibly though. Don’t do a Lizzie circa Prague 2017 and have to be dragged back to your hotel by your boyfriend. That’s not cool).
3. Venture beyond the grapevine – Prague 1 is the hotspot of Prague and where you’ll find all the tourism spots, Charles Bridge, and all the designer shops. This is great but if you spend all your time there you’ll be broke in an hour. I had the best experiences in the authentic pubs we found in Prague 2, the hidden restaurants, and the underground tours that weren’t advertised through our hotel. You’ll find people that don’t just want to sell to you and you’ll see a whole lot more of the city, too (and it’s not too far from the centre, either. Spread out, see more, save money.)
4. Dress appropriately – now this is true for every destination of course, but with Prague I really mean it. The first year, we went in March and the whole city was flicking frozen. Well, I was. I was cold basically. So this year, going a few weeks later in April I packed jumpers, jeans and coats feeling all smug and prepared. Naturally it was boiling hot and I sweat for 4 days straight. Plan ahead, people.
5. Take your time – Prague isn’t exactly slow paced, but nowhere is ever as busy as London in my experience and Prague feels a lot more relaxed. Really breathe in the architecture entwined with nature, walk through the alleys that look a bit hidden, and see what you find. Prague is absolutely full of hidden gems and Charlie and I have had some of the best nights out/meals/conversations with people of our lives so far because we dared to explore. Please, please do the same.
6. Music is everywhere – Okay, I’m a tad biased because I’m always looking for music, but there is no reason not to see something live if you’re wanting to when you’re in the city. Whether it’s in the opera house, a cabaret bar, or something less common like the hidden underground jazz club we found ourselves sitting in under Old Town Square (you’re welcome) or the pianist in the same square that plays all night, with his keyboard wrapped in fairy lights. There is no limit to how much vibrancy and music you can find in Prague.
7. Eat traditional – I’ve turned vegetarian since getting back from Prague and I’m not sure how easy that will be to adhere to next time I find myself there. However, if you do eat meat, you’re in for an amazing experience in the food department. Think traditional eastern european and order something recommended by the waiter. Also, check out Portfolio for a fine dining experience so phenomenal we went 2 years on the trot and still reminisce about what we ate there. (What? The food is immense, okay?)
8. Walk far and wide – Even though uber is brilliant out there, you’ll miss out on so much if you don’t at least allocate one day to wander aimlessly and discover things. See point 5.
9. Talk to everyone – learning about a random bartenders way of life educated me a lot more than the tour we went on did. Don’t discount anybody – plus, it’s nice to be nice.
10. You don’t have to spend it up – 50p-£1.50 a pint most of the time, and if you venture out of Prague 1 you’ll find all the bargains.

I hope this helps any of you planning a trip! Prague is the best place for a proper escape, and really does have something for everyone. Get booking if you haven’t already…


What I REALLY think of blogging…and where it’s taking me

Hey! Hope you’re doing really well. Welcome back!

The way I look at the whole blogging industry has changed massively lately, so let’s get straight into it shall we? Get ready for some kinda brutal truths.

First of all, I bloody well hate drama, and the blogging world is full of it. I’ve been commended for being honest lately, and no matter what side of which argument you’ve been on, I still don’t care. Save the drama for your mama. All these talks of female bloggers being catty and bitchy – can we stop already? We’re strong women, capable of a lot more than tweeting insults, and to THAT blogging company that continues to belittle, mug off and insult small bloggers? Ugh. Done now. Please exit the door stage right.

If you don’t know me yet, I really believe in the power of women. I believe we’ve got so much more strength than the world has believed of us for a very long time, and I believe when we stick together, giving each other help and opportunities, there are fewer better feelings of accomplishment. Unfortunately, I think we’ve also got a duty as women to prove we can be better than the stereotype (we shouldn’t have to prove it, but I think a lot of the world doesn’t believe that yet.) SO, it makes me want to stand on top of the world, as a woman, and scream “I told you so!”.

In short, I think we really owe it to ourselves to not only support each other, but to be better than the “catty, bitchy, two faced” stereotype. We’re in a professional setting and particularly as bloggers, we have a lot of people watching. We can do more, spread better messages and help each other without all the aggravation. I’d like to point out that there are plenty of men in the blogging community too, many of whom can find themselves wrapped up in all this drama – I’m just so passionate about women building each other up that it inspired this post.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing people in the blogging industry who I’ve become friends with and I’m insanely proud of, for their personalities and strength just as much as their achievements. And when I look at all the people taking advantage, being creative and creating their own opportunities, I’m beyond inspired. There are some people in the scene really killing it at the moment and tying all their branding together and creating their careers – I am SO FOR THIS. *applause*

But on the other hand, I’ve had a wake up call in terms of blogging. I’ve figured out what I don’t like about it – and in turn realised what I want to do with my blog. I’m not motivated by reviewing lipsticks or telling you what’s in my handbag. I don’t talk about that kind of stuff on a daily basis, so why write about it? I’m not about fashion or make up (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE those things, but I don’t get a lot out of reviewing them or posting about what outfit I’m wearing that day. It’s not what lights me up, and there are people out there who have more love for it than I do.)

I’ve found my niche in blogging and I’m realising that I need to write about my passions rather than what everyone else is used to hearing. It might be new and a bit harder to predict but it’s what I need to do for me, so it’s what I’ll do.

Expect to see more fun, creative, adventurous posts that I’m putting my heart and soul into. Encourage me to stick to my guns, if I need it! Give me a minute, while I figure out where I am and where I’m headed – I’m hoping I’m in the right direction now and listening to myself, rather than what everyone else wants. In short, I’m about to do me. (unedited.)

So, here I am:

IMG_5985I’m Lizzie. I’m 22 and I’m obsessed with creativity. I live for good music, belly laughs, strong make up looks, being individual and passionate about what I believe in. I’m big on equal rights. I’m also big on chocolate biscuits and Amy Winehouse. I stick up HARD for my friends and family and I don’t take anyone’s shit. I swear sometimes. I forget things super easily. I’m late to things occasionally and I’m a CLASSIC Gemini (yep, really.) I’m a listener and a talker, but my favourite thing is to sing and I’ve forgotten that about myself in the last few years. I’m on a journey to remember who I am and what I want to do. I’m ambitious, without knowing entirely where I’m headed. I’ve got flaws and drawbacks, but I’ve got great qualities too – and as I write this, I’m vowing to do better than the doubts in my head. I hope you can think of some amazing things about yourself too – let me know in the comments the amazing things I should know about you and your blog!

With Love,Lizzie x