Using your voice to heal

If you’ve read my blog post on how I messed up my singing career, and then saved it, you’ll know I love making music. I’ve studied vocals for such a long time and it’s a part of my identity. In recent years, I’ve also learnt about the self-help world, the spiritual world, and the power that activating your body can give you in terms of mindfulness and self-improvement. The connection between our mind and body is so invisible in mainstream society and it’s important to realise that by commanding one, you can command the other.

Think about it – you can’t become healthier or lose weight if your mind is in the wrong place. You also can’t improve your mental health by improving what you consume or how much you move. So once I’d understood these both enough to heal my own illnesses (both mental and physical) I started to realise the power of using your (physical) voice to heal your (spiritual/soul) voice. Makes sense, right?
When I started getting involved with the Law of attraction and any type of self-improvement I could get my hands on, I realised that a big portion of the self-help community really feel uncomfortable with affirmations in particular. It’s difficult and just confusing to some to repeat mantras like “I attract money in abundance” if your bank account has 72p in it. I get it. So, I moved away from affirmations and learnt to freestyle sing whenever I needed to connect to the universe. I know, that makes me sound like the biggest hippy going. Let me explain!
I love singing. It’s one of my biggest passions and I’d like it to be a part of my career. But here’s the thing, I know that singing makes everybody light up. You walk into any club, karaoke night or cringe 60-year old’s birthday party in a village hall – every person in there, even if they don’t have the confidence to get up and yell it, is humming the words to their favourite song. Or they’re saying, “I’m not drunk enough to dance!” but singing the words sat at the table with their friends. They’re in a circle on the dance floor yelling the words so much their voice hurts. It connects them with their body and allows them to feel free – isn’t that what we all want? To feel uninhibited. That’s where magic happens. And guess what? You can use this to open up to be who want, and get what you want.

When I knew I needed to feel good to start attracting things into my life I desired, I sang about it. It’s silly, and it makes me laugh, and I sound like a weirdo! It makes me giggle so much, or it makes me feel great about what I’m creating if it turns into something that sounds good. Win win!

It’s a similar idea when you consider how the voice is looked at in spirituality. Our throat chakra symbolises everything within us mindfully that you’d expect to find when speaking about a physical voice. It governs communication, speaking, listening and honouring your truth. When you have a blocked throat chakra, you have trouble speaking (authentically) in front of people, being true to yourself and connecting with your body is the best way to clear these blocks, to build on who you are. Have you ever found yourself surrounded by friends but with no idea what to say? The thought of giving advice to people scares you in case you’re wrong? Or you’d never speak publicly? Or, even, you have a hard time being truthful with yourself and others about your life, what you want from it and where you are. I know it affects so many of us and I truly feel your pain.
Connecting to your body is the best way to open up these issues within you, or it can at least help you get in tune with the blocks that are there. Identifying why you feel the need to hide is the key to stepping out of that and thriving as your best self. Here are some examples of how to do this.

1. Stand with your feet hip width apart, and sing a note that is comfortable to you for as long as you can whilst counting the beats. This will exercise your lungs. As you hold the note, focus on where your sound is coming from – your voice or your stomach? Engage your stomach for more power, and repeat this exercise a few times trying to hold the note longer each time.

2. Put on your favourite song when you’re alone and have a good bellowing sing song to it. Better yet, choose a song that most reflects what you’re feeling that day and do nothing other than sing it and enjoy the words. Do they resonate with you? How does this make you feel?

3. Practice a siren – you can do this either by picking one note, singing on an “ooh” sound up to the highest note you can and back down to the lowest note you can, or you can just pick one note and sing as softly as you can up to as loudly as you can. This will use all of your vocal muscles and show you how loud you can be! Does this feel more like you? Speaking loudly because you’ve got the ability to be loud and present inside you, or is it calmer for you singing quietly? (Note – quiet doesn’t mean invisible or hidden, it means confident without being the loudest.)

Using your voice, both physically and mindfully, is an important part of living authentically. You deserve the right to show up in the world and speak for what you believe in. You deserve to enjoy your life by enjoying communication and company. It’s my intention to look further into how vocals can support mindfulness as I find this type of behavioural work so interesting, and I hope it sparked something in you too!
Using your voice, volume, and body to create a powerful sound is a great support to feeling powerful and capturing that with other aspects of your life, so I’d recommend you implement these techniques whenever you need help being more present or authentic. Did this help you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!